Darul Ihsan Management Committee


Muslimin Trust Fund Association (MTFA) is a company registered with ACRA. The management of the business and control of the company is vested in the MANAGEMENT COUNCIL which consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and 9 Council Members.

One of the objects for which the company was established is to provide for the maintenance and education of orphans of Muslim parents and other unprotected and indigent Muslim children and to receive the custody of such orphans or other unprotected and indigent Muslim children and whenever necessary to place them in Darul Ihsan Orphanages for boys and girls established and maintained by the Company.

Hence, Darul Ihsan Orphanages constitute a division of the company and they come under the charge of the DARUL IHSAN MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (DIMC). The DIMC is responsible for all matters pertaining to administration, supervision and day-to-day operations of the orphanages.

The Chairpersons are appointed by the MTFA Management Council from among the 13 Council members.

The DIMC has 11 members – 5 Council members and 6 Independent Members.

The DIMC has the autonomy to decide on operational matters such as admission, discharge, programmes and volunteer management. It presents monthly reports at MTFA Council meetings and seeks advice of the Council only on policy matters.

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