The MTFA Council

MTFA has a Management Council comprising 13 Council Members who are elected at the Annual General Meeting held once every two years. The Management Council meets once every month and also when there is a need to resolve urgent matters.

The Management Council has committees dealing with Darul Ihsan Orphanages, Properties and Investments, Welfare, Human Resource Management, Publicity & Media Relations and Burial. The committees are assisted by full-time staff. The structure is shown below:


Darul Ihsan Management Committee
This Committee is responsible for the day-to-day administration of Darul Ihsan Boys’ Orphanage and Darul Ihsan Girls’ Orphanage. It looks into the admission, discharge, case review and holistic development of the resident orphans. It also takes charge of licensing and Charity/IPC matters pertaining to the two orphanages and fund raising.

Properties & Investments Committee
This Committee is responsible for the administration of the Properties and Investments portfolio of the Company. Currently, MTFA owns 11 buildings and 2 orphanages. Two of the buildings have a total of 7 apartments while the remaining 9 buildings comprise shop-houses, all of which yield rental revenue. The Committee also looks into the purchase of suitable properties and investment of funds in financial instruments to maximise returns.

Welfare Committee
This Committee is responsible for the distribution of zakat harta and fidya funds collected at Darul Ihsan Orphanages to 4 asnafs – Fakir, Miskin Riqab and Amil. In this regard, it administers the Company’s financial aid scheme for the poor and needy, orphans residing at various parts of Singapore and the bursary/scholarship awards scheme.

Burial Committee
This Committee takes charge of the burial of Muslims who pass away in Singapore and whose bodies are left unclaimed, or who have no next-of- kin to administer the burial, or whose next-of-kin cannot afford the burial costs. Since 2004, the job of claiming such bodies from hospitals and old-aged homes, arranging with burial ground authorities, performing the Islamic cleansing rites and transportation of the bodies for burial have been outsourced to a contractor specializing in this field.

Human Resource Management Committee
This Committee is responsible for the human resource management function of the Company. This includes recruitment, training and development, promotion and disciplinary matters pertaining to staff. The Committee also makes recommendations to the Management Council on terms and conditions of service, salary scales, salary increases and annual bonuses for staff.

Publicity & Media Relations Committee
This committee takes charge of information / publicity materials and press releases.

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