Darul Ihsan Donation Drive 2019

Darul Ihsan held its annual Donation Drive on 22nd November 2019 at 67 mosques island-wide. About 130 Volunteers participated in this year’s event.

The Donation Drive was organised by the DIDD Committee 2019 led by EO Amirah, with ES Kashif and SHM Saiful as Advisors. The committee members include FE Syazwani, EO Adawiyah, EO Aisyah, EO Faiqah and EO Raihanah.

The DIDD Committee has made 2019’s donation drive the most successful yet with a gross collection of $117,272.06, a 13.83% increase from 2018 ($103,019.67).

Our total Net Proceeds have achieved a record $110,976.58, a 12.97% increase from 2018 ($98,233.50) as this was the first year DIDD acquired sponsorships from local companies, which amounted to $4685. These sponsors include Broti, Hjh Maimunah, MFA Group, MYEC Tuition Centre, Star Freight Services, Sheng Shiong, With Love Yumi and Grey By Orton Hill.

We would thank all staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication, and we look forward to another successful donation drive in 2020!


Written By: Amirah Syairah

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