MTFA Scholarship Awards 2019

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About 300 guests were invited on 12 October 2019, Saturday to The Iris @ City Plaza for the ceremony.

Ilmu 2019


MTFA & MDC partnered with Mendaki for their Raikan Ilmu Learning Festival on @ Our Tampines Hub.

Darul Ihsan
Donation Drive 2019


On 22nd November 2019, Darul Ihsan held its annual Donation Drive at over 67 mosques island-wide.

Retreat 2019


From 1-3 Dec 2019, 57 staff from MTFA, Darul Ihsan and MDC came together for a Staff Retreat @ PSR, JB!

Meet Our Scholar!
Saif Ali Khan

The MTFA Founders’ Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students who display academic excellence, possess strong personal drive and leadership qualities. Saif Ali Khan Bin Shahrull Khan, from Nanyang Technological University, pursuing Material Science, was one of the 11 recipients awarded with the prestigious accolade.

He has since led his own research project examining unemployment among dialysis patients from MTFA Dialysis Centre.

DI/DIL Residents Retreat 2019


45 residents were in for a treat as they made their way across the sea to the island of Batam, Indonesia!

Exercise 2019


MTFA Dialysis Centre’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) exercise was held from 9 – 14 December 2019.

DI/DIL Residents Night Cycling 2020


DI/DIL residents and staff took part in the Night Cycling event organised by MTFA Scholar, Muhd Ahsan.

Staff Appreciation Night 2020


MTFA, Darul Ihsan and MDC commemorated its staff for their hard work in 2019 on 18 January 2020.

Upcoming Events in 2020!


30 April: MTFA Iftar           3 June: Mid Year Retreat           16 June: MTFA Hari Raya


19 September: Annual General Meeting           10 October: Scholarship Awards Ceremony


31 October: Maulidur Rasul           27 November: Darul Ihsan Donation Drive


TBC: End of Year Retreat          TBC:  Residents Retreat


*All event dates are subject to change.

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