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Honourable Burial

Because The Poor Deserve It Too

Have you ever wondered what happens to cases like these?

For the past 117 years, we have been providing FREE burials for such individuals and unclaimed body parts and fetuses left in the hospital. In the past five years alone, we had


burial assignments

Testimonials from our beneficiaries

"With the help from MTFA, I don’t have to feel stressed about something that needs to be resolved the next day."
- Mr Abdul, 39, lives in rental flat

We're now fundraising to purchase a new casket van!


A rare opportunity to support us in providing FREE burials for thousands of beneficiaries over the next decade

Did you know? A typical Muslim burial in Singapore costs approximately S$1,500. This sudden burial expense can be financially straining, especially for those already struggling to make ends meet.


Give unconditionally to our Muslim brothers and sisters who need it most. With your donation*, a new casket van will be used purchased to transport thousands of deceased bodies/jenazahs over the next ten years insyaAllah. This new van will transport deceased Muslim Singaporean/PR with no next-of-kin/claimant or who cannot afford to pay for a burial.

Ihsan Casket, our non-profit subsidiary, will be the primary driver to support these burials, and ensure that low-income, destitute or unclaimed Muslims receive dignified burials that they rightfully deserve. Additionally, Ihsan Casket will also use the van to provide burial services to the general public, with 100% of proceeds going to support our charitable work.

*Excess funds collected will go towards covering the operational costs for MTFA's charitable burial services.

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Show your love and compassion to Muslim families who are not able to pay for the burial of their loved ones today.


Small donation, big difference.


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Giving doesn't necessarily mean monetarily. Crowdfund now to engage your friends and family members to support this noble cause!

Every effort counts.


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We are looking for caring companies or individuals to partner with, that have an understanding of how purposeful you can be.

Share hope, contribute what you can. 

“Whoever relieves a believer’s distress of the distressful aspects of this world, Allah will rescue him from a difficulty of the difficulties of the Hereafter...."

[H.R Muslim] 

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