The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) protects your personal data while enabling organisations to use your data reasonably to serve you.

Collection and Purpose

We collect and use personal data for the purpose of registration, identification, verification, security clearance, evaluating client’s suitability for social service, administrating social service to clients, delivery, receipting, fund-raising, public relations and publicity.


We may disclose personal data to the following parties:

  • Related government agencies for the purpose of case discussions, security clearance and processing of IPC receipts
  • Our employees for the purposes of carrying out their duties
  • The auditors for the purpose of auditing and verification


We retain personal data in accordance with legal, regulatory, business and operational obligations.

We take steps to provide security and protection of personal data pertaining to data confidentiality, data integrity and data availability.

We shall continue to use the personal data collected for the same purposes.  If you have any queries, would like to withdraw your consent or make changes to your personal data, please feel free to contact:

Data Protection Officer

Muslimin Trust Fund Association
5 Mattar Road Singapore 387713


Tel: 6747 7556
Ext: 103