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Legit Online Surveys for Money Panels [srteJ]

3 min ago. Online surveys for money sites have dished out millions of dollars to people who spend the time to become active survey participants. There are stories about people just like you who have made a full-time job as a survey panellist, as well as plenty of stories of people who have supplemented their incomes by taking just a few hours each week to fill out surveys. If you’re checking out paid survey sites online, chances are you know that for as much potential there is to make money, there is just as much risk involved. That’s why I highly recommend using review sites like MakeMoneyTakingSurveys to help you find the best online surveys for money websites.

The successful survey panellist knows how to spot these scam sites and avoid them like the plague. Getting involved with a shady survey site can do much more than waste your time – it can cost you money, and might turn you off to survey sites in general. The truth is, there are legitimate sites out there… you just have to know where to look.

But you didn’t start researching paid survey sites because you wanted it to feel like work, did you? No! Then why take the risk of wasting your time and money on all the wrong sites, when you can quickly learn what paid survey sites really work? Here is what a survey that you take may look like.

What To Look For In A Quality Paid Survey Site ● Get paid. Not the other way around. Above all else, when scouring the internet for paid survey sites, keep your eye out for sites that ask you to pay. That should be the biggest red flag when you assess a survey site. Any site that wants you to pay them is not a site you want to do business with. The paid survey sites that really work are ones that don’t require any money from you. Instead, they should be paying YOU! ● Protect your identity. Everyone who actively participates in the internet is aware of the risk to your privacy. It isn’t just about identity theft. It’s about keeping third-parties from littering your inbox with sales and pitches. Respectable paid survey sites should not be selling your information to third parties, unless you give them permission to do so. If someone ever contacts you unexpectedly, determine if one of the paid survey sites you’ve joined is to blame. ● Don’t go for their sell. There should be no over-the-top sales pitches or ploys involved with your experience as a survey panelist. Your opinion needs to be organic and impartial, so your chosen survey sites must respect and honor that. A quality paid survey site will not try to sell you something when you participate in a survey. That would compromise the validity of the survey. ● If their site is sketchy … If the paid survey site looks rushed together, has spelling errors, or was potentially created by a fifth-grader, then you may want to stay clear. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither should any website be. Rushed sites usually means sloppy overall business practices. Companies that have sites with strong images, clean writing, and attention to detail are more likely to apply those same attributes to giving you surveys and getting you paid. When It’s Not Really A Scam, But Is Just Not Worth Your Time Don’t get scammed! The truth is that while there are many paid survey sites out there, some (yes, some) are actual scams, while many (yes … many) are a waste of your time. Why? Because it takes too long to reach the minimum payout amount, or because you get screened out of surveys more often than not, or because instead of getting paid, you’re given vouchers you can do little with. You may not necessarily care if you get cash money or if you get gift cards, and that’s completely fine. There are many sites that offer Amazon cards, or prizes, for your time. But if you want actual cash money, then it’s important to screen out the paid survey sites that don’t offer that, or else it’s all just a waste of your time. There are paid survey sites that really work, that really pay you, some through legitimate sites like PayPal. And Now, A List Of Some Actual, True Paid Survey Sites That Really Work Below are a handful of paid survey sites that are worth your time and effort, and, if you’re willing to spend the time, will pay you for your efforts. Sprizely Sprizely has a site that is easy to follow, is attractive, and demonstrates the company’s seriousness and professionalism (no wonder, they’re part of CASRO!). That’s everything you want in a paid survey site. It helps that they have the reputation to match.

MakeMoneyTakingSurveys MakeMoneyTakingSurveys is known for it’s handsome rewards via gifts cards such as Amazon. And before you balk at the idea of “gift cards,” remember how much “stuff” you can actually purchase through Amazon. Some honorable mentions for paid surveys The sites mentioned above have proven reputations and some of the best return on your investment, but that doesn’t mean they stand alone. There are other potentially legit paid survey sites that really work.

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