MTFA Bursary 2019

MTFA awards bursaries to Muslim students from lower-income families who are pursuing tertiary education. The funds for the bursaries are derived from the Zakat funds collected for the Hijrah year. In 2018, MTFA awarded a total of $189,000.00 worth of bursaries to 164 students.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Muslim Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Full-time students from the following institution:
    • Institute of Technical Education (ITE)
    • Polytechnic
    • Pre-University (Junior College/Millennia Institute/Madrasah)
    • Universities (Singapore or abroad)

*Not applicable to students who are graduating in 2019.

  • Gross Monthly Household Income (GHI) ≤ $4,000 and Per Capita Income (PCI) not exceeding $400

PCI = GHI (before CPF deduction) ÷ Total number of family members living together. 


(The application for 2019 is now closed)

MTFA Founders' Scholarship 2019

The MTFA Founders’ Scholarship Fund was set up in honour of the founders of MTFA to motivate students of high intellectual capacity, strong personal drive and leadership qualities to take the lead in serving the needs of the Muslim community. In 2018, MTFA awarded $55,000 worth of Scholarships to 8 undergraduate students.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Muslim Singapore Citizens
  • Full-time undergraduate or post-graduate student in Singapore or abroad
  • Gross Monthly Household Income (GHI) ≤ $4,000

* Not applicable to first-year students or those who are graduating in 2019. 

Scholarship applicants are required to submit a 1000-word Personal Statement on why they believe they are deserving of the scholarship.

(The application for 2019 is now closed)

Submission Details

Applicants are required to complete all relevant sections of the form with accurate and true information. The list of supporting documents to be submitted can be found in Annex A – Submission Checklist (attached with the form). Any omission of facts will disqualify the applicant.

All applications must be submitted (by mail or by hand) to:

Attn: Bursary / Scholarship Application
Muslimin Trust Fund Association
5 Mattar Road, Singapore 387713

Closing Date: 31 May 2019, 1700hs. 

  • Late submissions and/or incomplete application forms with missing supporting documents will not be considered.
  • Applicants may be invited for an interview in July 2019. Interview details will be provided on a later date.
  • All applicants will receive a letter indicating the outcome of their application by the end of August 2019.
  • Successful applicants are required to attend an Award Ceremony on Saturday, 5 October 2019*. The time and location will be notified in advance.


  • Each applicant can only submit ONE application form per year.
  • The application form & supporting documents submitted will not be returned. Applicants are to make a copy of their application for their own record.
  • The Selection Committee will judge each application on its own merits. The decision of the Selection Committee is final. No appeals will be entertained with regard to the awards given. MTFA reserves the right to not disclose the reasons for approving or rejecting any application, and to reject any incomplete/late application

*The date is subject to change. You will be informed by mail if there is any change.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please click here.