MTFA provides financial assistance to Muslim students from lower-income families. Singapore citizens or permanent residents, pursuing full-time post-secondary education in Institutes of Higher Learning are welcome to apply.

In 2017, MTFA awarded $237,000 worth of bursaries to 217 tertiary students. $160,000 from Zakat funds and $77,000 from MTFA funds. MTFA also awarded $60,000 worth of Scholarships to 10 outstanding Muslim Tertiary students.

The MTFA Founders’ Scholarship is for Muslims who are pursuing full-time studies in institutes of higher learning, from all educational fields. MTFA is looking for applicants who display high intellectual capacity, strong personal drive and possess leadership qualities.

The MTFA Bursary is for needy full-time Muslim students from lower-income families who wish to pursue a course of study in institutes of higher learning.

The applicants for both the MTFA Founders’ Scholarship & Bursary Award must be either a Singaporean Citizen or a Permanent Resident.

The application for the 2019 MTFA Scholarship & Bursary Awards will open in April 2019. 


NOTE: Applicants are invited to apply for either Scholarship or Bursary application only. You are not allowed to apply for both.


For Bursary Applicants

Eligibility Criteria
The bursary is open to Muslim Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.
Applicants must be currently pursuing a full-time post-secondary education in any of the following institutions:

  • Institute of Technical Education (ITE)
  • Polytechnic
  • Junior College
  • Centralised Institute
  • Universities based in Singapore & abroad

*The MTFA Bursary Award is not applicable to students who are graduating in 2019.


Household Income
Applicants’ household income must not exceed $4000 per month. Household income includes income of all family members living in the same house as the applicant.
Applicants will be shortlisted based on their household per capita income (PCI) and it should not exceed $350.

*PCI = Total Gross Monthly Income of ALL family members (before CPF deduction) ÷ Number of family members living in the same household

For Scholarship Applicants

Eligibility Criteria
The scholarship is open to Muslim Singapore Citizens, currently pursuing a full-time education in Universities based in Singapore or abroad.

* Applicants who have applied for Bursary are not eligible to apply for Scholarship.


Household Income
Applicants’ household income must not exceed $4,000 per month (household income includes income of the family members living in the same house as the applicant).

Submission of Applications

All applications must be submitted (by mail or by hand) to:

Attn: Bursary / Scholarship Application
Muslimin Trust Fund Association
5 Mattar Road, Singapore 387713

Closing Date: TBA


For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please click here.