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Sponsor Meals for the Children


Alhamdulillah, over the years, your generous support has enabled us to make a positive impact on the lives of our MTFA Darul Ihsan Orphanages' residents. 

Your contributions to the Darul Ihsan Food Fund will enable us to better:


Match residents' food preferences


Ensure nutritional value

Avoid food wastage

This new and improved system allows better quality control of the food intake of our residents. Each meal will be carefully chosen—in line with the nutrition standards—ensuring that our children receive the right amount of nutrients they need.

Darul Ihsan Food Fund allows us to plan and execute according to our residents' needs, including events and occasions.

With your contributions, we will be able to control the quality of food for the consumption of our residents, provide the right amount of meals needed by our residents on the daily, as well as birthday celebrations, ceremonies, Eid and other occasions, and lastly avoiding food wastage.

With this quality control system, our children would still enjoy the food like they normally would. We support all members—individuals and groups, who believe in this emerging initiative aiming to give healthy and nutritious meals for the youths in MTFA Darul Ihsan Orphanages. 


This new opportunity allows you to automate your donations specifically for this cause. Choose the amount you'd wish to donate, and our team takes care of the rest!


Your continued support is all it takes for our residents to feel cared for. Be part of their growth. Donate now to supply healthy and nutritious food to our residents.

Darul Ihsan Food Fund

100% of Your Donation Goes to Charity

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