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MTFA hopes to raise more than $250,000 to build its second dialysis centre


MTFA hopes to raise more than $250,000 to build its second dialysis centre

MTFA to hold online fundraising effort and street collection to expand Ihsan Kidney Care

Muslimin Trust Fund Association (MTFA) is organising an islandwide street collection on Saturday, 10 September 2022, to build its second dialysis centre under its subsidiary, MTFA Ihsan Kidney Care (IKC).

Currently more than 80% of MTFA IKC’s patients receive treatment without any outof-pocket payment at IKC’s sole centre located at 21 Norris Road. However, due to an overwhelming response, the centre is now operating at its full capacity and is unable to take in any new patients in the meantime. In order to meet this increasing demand for dialysis services among the lower-income population, MTFA is determined, more than ever, to rise to the occasion by building a second dialysis centre — a noble yet costly endeavour.

Executive Director of MTFA, Dr Abdul Qader al-Aidaroos said, "Currently, we strive to make cutting-edge dialysis treatments affordable for the lower-income population by offering various internal subsidies and financial assistance programs. While it is heartwarming to see our efforts so well-received and appreciated by the community, we are now struggling to meet the surge in demand for dialysis treatments. As a result, many of our needy patients remain on our waitlist, as our sole dialysis centre is unable to accommodate more patients. It is regretful, as we do not wish to turn anyone away…therefore, having a second IKC centre would definitely go a long way towards our goal of extending the best and affordable care to kidney failure patients in our community."

MTFA Ihsan Kidney Care was officially launched as MTFA Dialysis Centre (MDC) by Her Excellency President Halimah Yacob in 2018. Presently, IKC has 65 patients who are receiving regular dialysis treatment at its centre.

MTFA IKC patient Mr Airon Tahir, 40, shares, “I was worried about not being able to fulfil my role well as a father to my 4-year-old son. When my wife is out for work, I have to look after him when I'm not on dialysis. However, with IKC's treatment, I am able to have a normal life, similar to a healthy individual. Furthermore, with the recent upscale of my subsidy, I'm very happy to relieve some of our financial constraints. Praise be to God… I have MTFA Ihsan Kidney Care to thank for their dedicated care and support that has brought me this far….”

The fundraising will begin on Saturday, 10 September 2022, in the form of a one-day islandwide street collection. More than 150 volunteers, including 60 Madrasah Aljunied students, will participate in the street collection. Dubbed MTFA Flag Day 2022, the theme ‘Your Change, For Change’ promotes the idea that giving—even one’s modest spare change—can bring about a positive change in another’s life.

Individuals may also contribute to the cause via MTFA’s online fundraiser at

For further enquiries, kindly contact Ms Aida, Marketing & Communications Executive, at 98894304 or email her at

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