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Towards a sincere pursuit of Ihsan

Muslimin Trust Fund Association (MTFA) is the oldest active Muslim charity in Singapore.

Since its inception, MTFA has helped to ease the burden of countless number of people of all ages by providing financial aid, educational awards, parental support, medical aid and free burial services.

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We constantly work towards the development of a support system, aiming to benefit the less fortunate, regardless of race, religion, and socio-economic background.

Our mission

To develop a sustainable economy built on a universal culture of compassion, empathy, goodwill and service to the community.

Our subsidiaries

We provide a safe shelter for orphans and displaced children.

We provide subsidised dialysis treatment for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Our first social enterprise to offer quality and affordable burials to all Muslims.

Other services

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Free burials

Everyone deserves a dignified burial. We provide free burials for family members of low-income Muslim households, as well as unclaimed bodies.

Scholarship & bursary

Our dedication to supporting youths access the best education at the tertiary level.


Financial assistance

Bi-monthly cash support for families struggling to make ends meet - from purchasing baby milk powder, to paying utility bills to keep the light on.

History in numbers

Serving the community since 1904


founding fathers who came together to establish MTFA with the mission of caring for underprivileged Muslims.


years of reliable help and support

for the community.


families, individuals and patients who benefit annually.

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"Ihsan is our responsibility to pursue perfection, and showing it in both deed and action, while helping those in need."

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