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How Else Can We Help the Underprivileged?

From MTFA’s field experts

A volunteer registration booth for the Asyura Day hamper distribution to underprivileged children

In the previous blog post, I gathered responses from my colleagues about MTFA’s resolution for the year 2023. One of the answers from the MTFA Ihsan Aid team was to provide the right type of help each beneficiary needs. I gained some insights from MTFA’s Welfare Services Manager, Ms Faiszah Abdul Hamid, as she shared an elaborate explanation of what that means.

Cases Handled by MTFA Ihsan Aid

MTFA has been providing financial support to indigent Muslims since 1904. MTFA Ihsan Aid distributes cash and fidyah grocery vouchers once every two months. During regular house visits and checking up on the beneficiaries’ living conditions, the team would even follow up by replacing damaged household appliances and ordering for repair works to be done in their homes wherever necessary.

However, are these enough?

Words from MTFA Ihsan Aid

Ms Faiszah shares, ”Caring for the needy has always been the core of MTFA’s causes. But, I believe that more can be done to provide them the ‘right’ type of help. Financial aid can only provide temporary relief. We want to ensure that we are able to provide long-term sustenance. Before we do that, first, we need to re-define the types of care they need, re-frame the support given to the families, and rejuvenate connections within the community so that we can channel the right organisations to the various cases we handle. It’s a lot of work for a start, but by strengthening our foundation, we can get there.

Ms Faiszah added that MTFA is currently building up a more holistic beneficiary database in order to understand the kind of help they need.

Regarding the 500 (and counting!) applicants seeking financial aid this year, MTFA Ihsan Aid team shared that the kind of cases they support include individuals being physically or mentally unfit for work, the elderly who have no financial support, individuals who need extra help in providing child support, and large families with a sole breadwinner.

What Has Been Done So Far

Last year, MTFA Ihsan Aid co-organised an empowerment programme for female beneficiaries. This programme was aimed to boost their confidence so that they are more motivated to seek lifestyle improvement, such as acquiring a job to support their family. By hosting such programmes, we hope to eventually help the beneficiaries break out of the poverty trap.

MTFA welcomes collaborations which can help our beneficiaries better. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, do share with us by leaving your comments in the comments section, or email MTFA Ihsan Aid at


MTFA Publicity Team

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