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NEW Year, NEW Hopes

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

MTFA’s 2023 Resolution

I played the role of Citizen Journalist and asked my colleagues a quick question: “In 3 words, describe the year 2022 as a staff at MTFA.”

“New experiences”.



These were common answers I received from my colleagues as I made a random round in the building at 5 Mattar Road. Although their responses began with shy giggles as they struggled to find the correct words, I could sense genuinity in their answers.

Eventful Year

2022 was an eventful year for MTFA. In my first week of employment, my colleagues were working on Qurban with Ihsan. Immediately after that, we moved on to work for Asyura Day followed by our first Flag Day post-COVID. Immediately after, we hustled hard for our largest-scale event, a gala dinner celebrating 118 years of MTFA’s service as well as MTFA Darul Ihsan Orphanages’ 60th Anniversary. We were exhausted. Some of us stayed late for meetings; some came back during the weekends. For many of us, this was the first time we were planning an event of such scale.

So yes, 2022 is an eventful year for us, and like my colleagues mentioned, filled with ‘new experiences' and we were tested with ‘challenging’ tasks. However, the end result is ‘rewarding’.

Aspirations for 2023

After all that, what do we aspire for MTFA to achieve in 2023?

Majority of the staff wished for a greater outreach so that we leave no one behind when aid is needed. This brings me back to our Vice President Mr Abdul Rahman’s address at our gala dinner last October.

“Our new tagline, ‘Towards a sincere pursuit of Ihsan’, serves as a reminder of our purpose, to continue delivering excellent service to those who need us. We also hope that we are able to extend our hands to even more people. We want to ensure that no one is left behind.”

Besides this, I received responses that are relatable to various departments.

Our finance team hopes for more donations to come for the children and the beneficiaries, whereas our welfare aid team hopes for beneficiaries to receive the ‘right’ type of help. Has the voucher and allowances distribution been enough help? How can we make them self-sufficient and break the poverty cycle?

Some colleagues who work with MTFA Darul Ihsan Orphanages shared that they hope the children receive the right education and guidance to prepare them for the world and hereafter. A young staff and our publicity team shared that MTFA needs to reach out to the young audience as this group can help achieve a wider reach faster and effectively. By reaching out to the young, we are also creating for them volunteering opportunities and learning experiences.

It all starts with Intention (Niyyah)

2023 is filled with so much hope and aspirations for the organisation. I am confident that with the pure intention (niyyah) of my colleagues, we can turn these aspirations into reality for the greater good. There is much to be done this year. Inshaa-Allah.

Aida MTFA Publicity Team

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