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Woman with kidney failure find a treatment lifeline after dialysis gets too expensive

“Think positive. Tell yourself that you are strong enough to go through this,” Siti Razidah, 43, says when asked how she remains optimistic.

It was eight years ago when Siti found out that she had kidney failure.

Siti shares with the Pride: “In 2013, I started to lose weight and started to feel breathless, and my ankles started to swell. But I ignored it for days. Until a time when I found that I couldn’t breathe while I was working and my colleagues called the ambulance.”

Siti (far right) with the family on vacation. Image source: Siti

With little hope left, Siti did not know who she could turn to. Then she was referred to Ihsan Kidney Care by her social worker.

Ihsan Kidney Care (IKC) is a subsidiary of the Muslimin Trust Fund Association (MTFA), a charity founded in 1904 to help underprivileged Muslims in Singapore.

Today, MTFA has moved beyond caring solely for the poor and needy and orphans to helping students from low-income families via bursary and scholarship awards, providing affordable kidney treatments, and offering financial assistance for Islamic funeral and burial services.

MTFA’s executive director Dr Abdul Qader, tells the Pride: “Besides running Darul Ihsan where we take care of Muslim orphans and displaced children, MTFA has expanded its services to help students from low-income families through bursary and scholarship awards."

MFTA created IKC to address the increasing concern of kidney failure amongst the low-income population in Singapore. It provides reliable and cost-effective dialysis care through state-of-the-art treatment and personal consultations for Muslims and non-Muslims.

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